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About Us

ExpertsConsult is a technology driven platform that uses advance techniques including Artificial Intelligence to search and match industry experts based on the required insights. Our system evaluates more than 30 data points to find the right expert from our database.

ExpertsConsult helps professionals to connect with experts and seek consultation to overcome business and operational challenges, gain market insights, develop skills and validate/test ideas.

With a strong global network of experts across industry groups and sub-groups, ExpertsConsult is able to offer quick and on-demand insights to clients worldwide. Not just that, we also have a dedicated team of researchers that will help you find an expert matching your requirement through our custom recruitment process.

Since our founding, ExpertsConsult has been connecting professionals with experts across fields. Today we make professionals gain smarter insights by connecting them to our network of more than 50,000 experts, including industry experts, analysts, consultants, academics, retirees, and also subject matter experts. We serve professionals from research firms, management consulting firms, corporations and other professional services firms.


Our network have experts from the following industries:


Experts can be reached through various engagement models:


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