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Digital Adoption Study Across Industries in China, India, UK, and US

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Client’s Desideratum

A management consulting firm headquartered in the US was looking for assistance in interviewing targets across retail, quick-serve restaurants, hospitality, and banks.

Objectives of the Study

To understand the adoption of digital technologies across retail, quick-serve restaurants, hospitality, and banks

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Recruitment and scheduling of interviews was expected to be done by ExpertsConsult
  • There were a set of sample respondent titles that were targeted on the study industry wise namely:

Retail/apparel industry executives which included:-

  • Director, Digital Transformation
  • EVP, Corporate Digital Strategy
  • SVP, Global Innovation
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Retail Solutions Architect

Quick Serve Restaurants executives which included:-

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Digital Program Manager
  • Customer Experience Lead
  • Director, Digital Innovation
  • Digital Experience Director

Hospitality industry experts which included:-

  • Digital Strategy Manager
  • Digital Technology Manager
  • Director of Digital Commerce
  • Transformation Strategy Director
  • Digital Strategist

Banking industry experts which included:-

  • SVP, Digital Strategy
  • VP, Retail Transformation
  • Digital Product Manager
  • Director, Digital Transformation
  • Director, IT Strategy
  • Length of the interview was around 30-45 mins.

Key Screening points

  • Current role of the expert was involved in the procurement, implementation, operation, and maintenance of digital technologies such as POS, digital signage, machine vision, and AI/Analytics
  • The current role was in the corporate strategic planning of technology adoption across the organization.
  • The experts had to be based out of China, India, UK or US.

ExpertsConsult Solution

Within 30 business days,ExpertsConsult identified and recruited 6-8 respondents from China, India, US, and the UK as per the client’s requirements. Solutions provided by ExpertsConsult guided the management consulting firm to move ahead & apprehend the study further.ExpertsConsult promptly targeted the respondents based on the screening criteria shared by the client.


ExpertsConsult scheduled appointments for the discussions which were conducted from the client’send across the specified regions keeping in mind the project specifications.The successful completion of this project within the stipulated deadline with satisfying outcomes lead to more business opportunities for our firm.

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