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Client’s Desideratum

Our client, a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation wanted to understand how the AI-based customer interactions that consumers are engaged in today are living up to their expectations across the United States and Germany.

Objectives of the Study

The overall objective of this study focuses on:–

  • The usage of AI-enabled applications in consumer interacts with companies’ basis sectors/industries.
  • Understanding what drives consumers to either use or prefer or shy away from interactions that are enabled by artificial intelligence
  • Understanding the experience basis of their usage and highlighting the improvement areas.

Key Screening points

  • There was an eligibility criterion where the participants had to be aged 18 years and above.
  • The participants had to be aware of how artificial intelligence (AI) is used by companies in consumer interactions (e.g. chatbots for customer service, facial recognition for identification/authentication, voice conversation via a smart speaker, or a smartphone, etc).
  • We had a scope of targeting a maximum of 2 non-users of AI, however, all participants to be AI users were preferred.

Key Discussion Points

  • The discussion was based on the exposure of Artificial Intelligence in the personal life of the consumers in the past 12 months basis on industries/sectors.
  • To get an overview as to how the experience with AI has changed over the last 2 years.
  • Benefits from the usage of AI-enabled interactions and user’s expectations before they increase their spending or level of interaction (government/public sector) with AI.
  • Getting a detailed insight as to what are the concerns when using AI and how organizations can help in addressing these concerns.
  • To understand the willingness to trade transparency for better services & benefits and the willingness for the AI system to collect sensitive, personally identifiable data.
  • Lastly, the discussion also emphasized on whether there are any uses of AI that consumers have been using more often during the COVID-19 pandemic and their effect on long-term usage of AI.

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Shortlisting profiles and recruiting participants for an online FGD in order to get a detailed insight into the topic.
  • Sharing shortlisted profiles along with screener responses for final confirmation from the client.
  • Considering that the target respondents were consumers, the type of respondents ranged from:

a. Full-time employee

b. Part-time employee

c. Self-employed, consultant, or freelancer

d. In the military

e. Unemployed

f. Retired

g. Full-time student

  • A mixed representation in terms of gender, household incomes, and employment status was focused upon.
  • Target markets as part of the scope were North America and Europe (Germany).
  • The targeted number of respondents across each category were

a. US Vs Germany – 7/8-10

b. Males Vs Females – 8/9

  • The average length of each FGD was 60 minutes.

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within 2-3 weeks, the ExpertsConsult team successfully identified, shortlisted, and scheduled appointments for the online FGD basis the project specifications.
  • A two-step validation process was followed throughout the project lifecycle:-
  • Search and shortlist executives as per the required criteria using internal database and other sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, etc.
  • Screen executives using the screening criteria/questions over the phone and share their profiles along with their responses to the screening questions for our client’s review.


The Expertsconsult team successfully onboarded the required participants based on the project scope and criteria. With a 100% success rate, the team ensured that all the screened/shortlisted participants join the FGD at the scheduled date and time. The results of this discussion helped our clients add value to their research.

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