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Ovarian Cancer Landscape

Understanding The Ovarian Cancer Landscape In The US Market

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Clients Desideratum

A leading global consulting company who wanted to understand the future ovarian cancer landscape, the formulary/reimbursement decision-making process, its influencers, and how this process may affect treatment decisions.

Objectives of the Study

The overall objective/scope was within the universe of Gyno-Oncologists/Oncologists

  • Understand the ovarian cancer landscape in the US market.
  • Understand the formulary/reimbursement decision-making process.
  • Understand the implications of the changes with the introduction of poly-ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitors and androgen receptor antagonists for the treatment of ovarian cancer.
  • Understand the implications of these changes for payers, clinicians, and patients.

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Recruitment and scheduling of interviews were expected to be done by ExpertsConsult
  • There were a set of sample respondent titles targeted for the study, namely:
  • Radiation Oncology experts
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Gynecology Oncologists
  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Oncologists
  • Hematology specialists.
  • The targeted region for the study was the United States.
  • We were expected to recruit a total of 8 participants for in-depth discussions on this study.
  • Length of the interview was around45-60 mins.

Key Screening points

  • The experts had to be based out of the US.
  • The expert must have been a physician for 3-30 years in practice in their specialty post-residency/fellowship
  • The expert had to be involved in developing clinical protocols for health plans.

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within 15 business days,ExpertsConsult identified and recruited 8 respondents from the US as per the client’s requirements.
  • Our team screened valid participants using 2 step validation process:-
  • Search and shortlist executives as per the required criteria using internal database and other sources
  • Screen executives using the screening criteria/questions over the phone and share their profiles along with their responses to the screening questions for our client's review.
  • Our team of analysts recruited and scheduled appointments for 8 IDI’s after ensuring and validating relevant participants based on the objectives of the study.


ExpertsConsult scheduled appointments for the discussions which were conducted from the client’s end across the specified regions keeping in mind the project specifications.Experts recruited by ExpertsConsult helped the global consulting firm to move ahead & apprehend the study further. The successful completion of this project within the stipulated deadline with satisfying outcomes leads to more business opportunities for our firm.

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