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Industrial Thawing

Understanding the Industrial Thawing for Chicken Products

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Client’s Desideratum

A leading global consulting company wanted to understand and identify suitable technologies/solutions for the industrial thawing for chicken products on a global scale.

Objectives of the Study

  • The overall objective of the study and interviews focused on:

1. Identifying unmet needs and challenges of the industrial thawing for chicken products.

2. Benchmarking thawing technologies (commercial and prototype solutions) that are being employed or can be used for thawing frozen chicken products.

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Applying secondary skills and finding experts having technical expertise/knowledge on “Industrial Thawing of Chicken” with respect to the current and emerging technologies along with its impact on chicken quality parameters.
  • Checking their eligibility for participation through the screening approach and sharing the screened profile for the client to review and approve.
  • Fixing an appointment for discussion post-confirmation and ensuring their availability for the discussion with quality output.
  • Target Market Place- Global
  • Target Number of Respondents- 2 Interviews
  • Experts Type: Thawing Equipment Manufacturers, Meat Scientists / Researchers
  • Average Length of Each Discussion- 60 Minutes

Key Discussion Points

  • What are different commercialized & prototype level technologies used for thawing frozen chicken products?
  • What are the key parameters to be taken into consideration while designing thawing equipment for chicken products?
  • How do various technologies perform on these parameters?
  • Who are the key players providing thawing equipment(s) for industrial-scale implementation of the thawing process?

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within the period of 2 weeks, the team of ExpertsConsult successfully identified, screened, and scheduled appointments with the experts for the discussion.
  • The process was followed in two steps:

1. Identifying and shortlisting experts matching the criteria for the discussion using various platforms like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo.

2. Validating their profiles by confirming few screener questions over a telephonic call and sharing the final candidature with the client for further approval.


The team of ExpertsConsult successfully onboarded the required participants based on the project specifications and requirements.

With a 100% success rate, the team of ExpertsConsult ensured that all the screened/shortlisted respondents participated in the F2F discussion at the scheduled date and time.

The result of the discussions helped our clients to add value to their research and helped in understanding the market from a broader perspective.

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