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Understanding the Market Assessment of the Drug Development Services Market in China

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Client’s Desideratum

Our client is a global leader in healthcare consulting and they wanted to understand the market assessment of the drug development services market in China.

Objectives of the Study

  • The overall objective of this study focused on:

1. Understanding the complete drug development services market in China.

2. The major focus was on changing market statistics based on different types of services and sales revenues.

3. A key area revolving around the market dynamics, regulatory scenario, and competitive analysis in reference to the drug development services market.

Key Screening Points

  • Senior professionals with an experience of more than 5 years working in the CROs/CDMOs in China region were targeted.
  • The expert should be involved in the contract drug development services for small molecule and biologics in China.
  • The expert should be highly knowledgeable around the below-mentioned phases:

1. Pre-Clinical

2. 15+ Years of Experience

3. Submission/Launch

4. Post Marketing Phase

5. Engineering

  • The expert should be highly knowledgeable based on the various type of services (Analytical, Quality, and Regulatory)
  • The expert should be based in China.

Key Discussion Points

  • Understanding the drug development services market in China in terms of value and the expected growth, for the next five years duration.
  • Understanding the Drug Development Services Market based on the Type of Services/ Drugs/ Phases.
  • Understanding the drug development services market through the end-users' point of view.
  • Focusing on the competitive analysis, market dynamics, and regulatory scenario in terms of the major services provided by CRO/CDMO to the pharma and biotech industry
  • Understanding the regulations that are shaping the drug development service/process industry for small molecules and biologics.

Expectations from ExpertsConsult

  • Shortlisting profiles and fixing appointments with industry experts for a discussion on the drug development services market in China.
  • Finding experts comfortable with a telephonic discussion in English.
  • The type of respondents targeted ranged from:

1. Chief Marketing Officers

2. Global Heads (Strategy & Communication)

3. Executive director/Pharmaceutical Analysis

4. Senior Directors

5. Business Development Managers

  • Recruiting 5 individual experts across China.
  • Ensuring the recruited participants to be a part of the top contract research organizations in China as well as Multinational companies (providing drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services).
  • The average length of each telephonic discussion was- 40-45 minutes.

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within 2 weeks, the team of ExpertsConsult successfully identified, screened, and scheduled an appointment with the experts for the discussion.
  • A two-step validation process was followed throughout the project lifecycle:

1. Search and shortlist executives as per the required criteria using internal database and other sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Hoovers, etc.

2. Screen executives using the screening criteria/questions over the phone and share their profiles along with their responses to the screening questions for our client’s review after which the discussions were conducted.


The team of ExpertsConsult successfully onboarded requisite experts across markets.

With a 100% show rate, the ExpertsConsult team ensured every screened expert joins the consultation call at the agreed appointment date & time.

Our team met the overall quota within stipulated timelines and ensured high-quality experts are on-boarded.

Our discussion with the experts helped our client to move ahead & apprehend the research further.

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