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Understanding Strategies and Approaches to Scaling Agile Across Organizations

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Client’s Desideratum

A global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services wanted to understand strategies and approaches to scaling agile across organizations.

Objectives of the Study

  • The overall objective of this study and interviews with IoT/Digital Users focuses on:-

1. Identifying unique strategies and impediments in the way of scaling agile across teams/projects and functions.

2. Identifying the key success factors for distributed agile to work.

3. Providing specific recommendations for organizations at various stages of adoption to scale agile

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Applying secondary skills and finding the most relevant experts from 10 Billion plus organization
  • Checking their eligibility for participation through the screening approach and sharing the screened profile for the client to review and approve.
  • Sharing weekly fieldwork update with confirmed availability post-approval of profiles and ensuring their availability for the final discussion.

1. Director/VP/Senior VP- Product Development

2. Director/VP/Senior- VP Agile

3. Marketing & Sales

4. Director/VP- Finance

5. Director/VP- Procurement

  • Target Marketplace- United States, Europe, and APAC.
  • Target Industries- Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Telecom, Aviation, Retail, Consumer Products, and Utilities.
  • Target Number of Experts- 30 to 40

1. 35- Large Organization deploying Agile

2. 5- Independent Agile Coach/Consultants

  • The average length of each discussion was 45-60 minutes.

Key Discussion Points

  • What is the level of agile maturity in the organization? How has the journey been?
  • What are the challenges and key success factors which worked well for your organization to scale agile?
  • What are the people, processes, and technology-related transformation in your organization currently post-adoption of agile practices?

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within 4-5 weeks, the team of ExpertsConsult successfully identified, screened, and scheduled appointments with the experts for the discussion.
  • Our team screened these experts following a 3-step validation process:-

1. Identified and shortlisted experts matching the criteria for the discussion using various platforms like LinkedIn and Zoominfo.

2. Validated their profile by confirming few screener questions over a telephonic call and shared the final candidature with the client for further approval.

3. Post-approval, ensuring that the shortlisted experts are available at the time of the discussion.


The team of ExpertsConsult successfully onboarded requisite experts across markets.

With a 100% show rate, the ExpertsConsult team ensured every screened expert joins the consultation call at the agreed appointment date & time.

Our team met the overall quota within stipulated timelines and ensured high-quality experts are on-boarded.

Our solution helped our client to move ahead & apprehend the research further.

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