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Understanding The Response Of The Automotive Organizations To An Increased Interest In “Voice Assistants”

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Client’s Desideratum

A leading global consulting company wanted to understand how automotive organizations are responding to the increased interest in “voice assistants” across Europe, North America, and Asia region.

Objectives of the Study

The end client was conducting research on automotive voice assistants. Through this research, they were seeking to understand :-

  • Customer’s expectations and experience with automotive voice assistants
  • Benefits organizations are able to realize with the successful deployment of voice assistants
  • Strategies and challenges for automotive companies in providing a seamless voice experience

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Recruitment and scheduling of interviewsfor the in-depth discussion were expected to be done by ExpertsConsult
  • There was a set of the targeted respondent for the studylike:-
  • Senior executives with at least 10 years of experience holding director or above designation
  • Executives should be majorly from the R&D/ Innovation department of OEMs. They could also be from Operations/Sales/Marketing but should have experience with voice assistants
  • The targeted region for the study was North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The targeted number of respondents across each category were maximum of 1 respondent per company and a maximum of 4 per region (North America, Europe, India)
  • The average length of the interview was around45-60 mins.

Key Screening points

  • The expert must have experience in research/marketing/strategy/development of voice assistants in the automotive sector.
  • ExpertsConsult was expected to recruit the respondents from the organizations who have at-least launched the pilot phase of in-car assistants.

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within 30 business days,ExpertsConsult identified and recruited the required respondents as per the screener
  • Our team screened valid participants using 2 step validation process:-
  • Search and shortlist executives as per the required criteria using internal database and other sources
  • Vet executives using the screening questions over the phone and share their profiles along with their responses of the screening questions with our client for their perusal.
  • Our team of analysts recruited and scheduled appointments after ensuring and validating relevant participants based on the objectives of the study.


By keeping in mind the project specifications, ExpertsConsult scheduled appointments for the in-depth discussions across North America, Europe, and Asia regions.Experts recruited by ExpertsConsult helped the global consulting firm to move ahead & apprehend the study further. The successful completion of this project within the stipulated deadline with satisfying outcomes lead to more business opportunities for our firm.

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