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Client Desideratum

An industry analyst at a leading market research & consulting firm based in Massachusetts, United States required ExpertsConsult to recruit the experts of Automotive Simulation Software for the client. A detailed report analysing many simulator platforms that are now available was provided to the ExpertsConsult.

Insight into Automotive Simulation Software

Automotive simulation software is a software tool or set of tools which enables the automotive manufacturers and suppliers to design, launch and optimize their production programs faster than ever with these powerful simulation software. It is computer based software which uses algorithms and equations to create a dynamic environment where behaviour can be predicted.  These products are typically used in a variety of other industries too which includes aerospace/defence, electrical/electronics, healthcare, and others.

Objectives of the Study

  • This qualitative study focused on extracting market specific issues related to the use of simulation software and solutions in the automotive industry, specifically as to how these simulation technologies are being used to test L4/L5 Autonomous vehicles (L4 meaning- where driver’s attention is ever not required for safety such it can allow the driver to sleep safely or leave the driver seat. This self-driving is supported only in limited spatial areas (geo-fenced) or under special circumstances, like traffic jams.)
  • To have in-depth interviews with the industry experts to understand the automotive simulation software market.

Role of ExpertsConsult

  • ExpertsConsult was expected to capture a well-rounded set of alternative perspectives in which Tier 1 was ought to be included to provide a non-vested perspective to drive the validation of automakers stated priorities and pain points, and separate rational view on key issues.
  • Simulation solution suppliers was ought to be included along with autonomous driving platform suppliers
  • Sample size was expected to be 15 to 18 which can include
  • OEMs
  • Tier ones  
  • Solution supplier
  • AD platform suppliers
  • Researchers
  • Length of the interview was estimated to be 45 to 60 minutes through a facility of WebEx/telephone.
  • Target participants
  • Senior decision makers in Autonomous driving (Level 5) architecture design and supplier selection/evaluation;
  • Mid-level managers with insights on technology development processes and vendors/suppliers used for solution, simulation, etc.
  • Sample titles to be included but not limited to: CIO, CTO,, Sr. VP, VP, Executive Director, Director, of Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Product Management, Portfolio Development/Management, etc.
  • The study was expected to be less market specific focus but to be mostly from European countries (Germany, UK and top markets of Israel)

Issues to Explore in this Research

An insight to the market drivers, customer needs, pain points & role of open source of simulation software market.

Key discussion points with simulation companies

What are the de facto business models for simulation companies? For their core business versus auto AD?

  • Is there a simulation company or platform that seems to be seeing significant traction? Which/why? What factors are necessary to scale the market around a particularly structured solution and/or supplier?
  • Is there a company that is being more widely used among OEMs/Tier 1s? Who? What is the key differentiator or value proposition?

Key discussion points with OEMs, Tier 1s, & AV Solution/ Platform Suppliers

  • What are the need and pain points that simulation companies are addressing for OEMs?
  • What do OEMs see as the feasible roadmap for simulation/test? Is it eventually an SAE standard administered by third party or met by OEM, Tier One simulation solutions?
  • What impact are regulators having on driving both use and standardization of simulation solutions?

ExpertsConsult Solution

Within 30 business days, ExpertsConsult identified and recruited fifteen industry experts which included OEMs, Tier 1s, Solution Suppliers, AD platform vendors, Researchers and amongst others from USA and European countries(Germany, UK & Israel). These experts served a detailed insight into this niche market.

Solution provided by ExpertsConsult guided the client of a leading market research & consulting firm to move ahead & apprehend their study further.

ExpertsConsult promptly scheduled calls between research engineer working on developing Level 4 and Level 5 Autonomous driving solutions, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Engineer, autonomous driving experts and amongst others.


Now well on the way of grabbing the dynamics and prospects of this emerging market, helped the client of a leading market research & consulting firm to move forward & apprehend their study further. According to the industry analyst, this project galvanized their interest in leading markets of USA and European countries, leading to more business opportunities for our firm.

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