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Client’s Desideratum

Our client, a leading global consulting company wanted to understand the overall urinalysis market across the United States.

Objectives of the Study

The overall objective of the study and interviews focused on:

  • Understanding the ex-manufacturer and rental/lease pricing of PoC urine analyzersmanufactured by the top 2 companies namely Clinitek Status and Urisys 1100 respectively.
  • Understanding the ex-manufacturer price of Urine Strips.
  • Also, the challenges faced in Hospitals that do not have the capability to perform these tests as in-house

Expectation from ExpertsConsult

  • Applying secondary skills and finding the most relevant experts for the client to conduct an in-depth discussion with relevant years of experience on the topic.
  • Checking their eligibility for participation through the screening approach and sharing the screened profile for the client to review and approve.
  • Fixing an appointment for discussion post-confirmation and ensuring they are available for discussions with quality output

Designations Targeted:

1. Sales/Marketing/Account Heads/Directors from the top two companies

2. Clinical Pathologist/ Laboratory Directors from Hospitals

  • Target Market Place- “The United States”
  • Target Industries-Top 2 companies and Hospitals in the US.
  • Target Number of Respondents- “6”.
  • Average Length of Each Discussion- “30-45 Minutes”.

Key Discussion Points

  • What are the ex-manufacturer sale price and rental prices for a urine analyzer manufactured by the top companies?
  • What is the distributor margin in the US Market for Point of Care Urine Analyser and Strips?
  • What is the rental structure, plan, and process of procurement?
  • How are rental rates decided along with the difference in terms of rental rates for Point of Care Testing?

ExpertsConsult Solution

  • Within the time of a week, the team of ExpertsConsult successfully identified, screened, and scheduled appointments with the experts for discussions.
  • The process was followed in two steps:

1. Identifying and shortlisting the experts matching the criteria for discussion while using various platforms such as LinkedIn and ZoomInfo.

2. Validating their profile by confirming few screener questions over a telephonic call and sharing the final candidature with the client for further approval.


The ExpertsConsult team successfully recruited the required participants based on the project requirements.

The team ensured that every screened and shortlisted participant join the call at the scheduled date and time.

The results of the discussion helped our clients gain informative insights on their research topic.

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