How is Brand Tone and Communicating with Consumers Important in Difficult Times
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How is Brand Tone and Communicating with Consumers Important in Difficult Times

Consumers have a say in everything when it comes to brand value and brand tone. In times like these where a pandemic comes with an unprecedented business continuation plan and risks, keeping up the brand tone with consumers is what keeps it stable.

COVID-19 made everything stand still without providing certainty of lifting the issues up in a particular period. With such risks driving through the market, it is crucial to set a line and tone with your consumers and that too at a continuous pace.

The requirement of consumers changes with the changing time and market value. There was a phase when all that the consumers required were the products that fell into the category of “essentials”, but now eventually the need broadened with different unlock phases.

How crucial is the brand tone

Even though the market is emerging out of the pandemic, the scale on which the customer emotions and availability of sympathy relies still demands a proper evaluation. The Brand Humanity Index (BHI) identifies what emotional and functional attributes make a brand feel human to consumers as well as the business impact of exhibiting that brand humanity.

Not just this, as per an expert network company, there are certain things that your customers would want to hear from you, especially when they are going through a crisis such as this pandemic caused. COVID-19 brought a lot of things to the table, especially the issues and ways of communication for a brand to connect with its customers.

As per industry experts, nearly nine out of 10 consumers want to know that businesses are protecting their employees’ health and jobs. Consumers want to see if the companies and brands are doing the best they can to provide them with what they have promised. Not just this, they also look for policies that look after their leaves and providing comprehensive benefits when needed. This has come into the view with companies having no hazard pay for their employees, especially with many others letting their employees go.

Also, many customers are concerned if the brands are protecting them from the disease by providing accurate measures and confirming to safety protocols. These issues are solved with proper communication held between the brands and their customers which more important than creating customer buyer personas according to some subject-matter experts.

The messages that brands pick up to communicate and connect with their customers create that bond between them which helps to develop trust and become reliable. Also, brands that build human connection into their marketing strategy can enjoy better resonance with their customers, according to the BHI. “We found that consumers of brands that had really important bottom line impacts were nearly two times more likely to make a purchase and two times more likely to recommend the brand,” says Manderson.

As per experts consult, “around 65% were more loyal to brands that they felt a human connection with.” Many companies have spent more time considering that the data moves quickly and provides the best solution as better as it can.

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