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How Digital Technology is assisting humans in hearing better?


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Being in a competitive edge in the market and still delivering products inside the deadline is more of an asset than it is considered a business ethic. The manufacturing industry at such a time of crisis is fighting to deliver unhindered growth with its services, especially in the environment where digital technology is rising rapidly in the market.

The value of data and digital transformation has fueled the growth and demand for better services in less duration. The use of powerful data analytics and tools such as additive manufacturing solutions is driving the industry further ahead

Such innovative tools and applications are in demand for its hearing aids in the manufacturing department for attaining better results in less time. A UK-based digital production company is delivering a revolutionized workflow with the help of 3D systems with a Direct Digital Production system.

Digital Technology to help you hear better

Since the arrival of digital technology and competition in the market, hearing aid technology has improved drastically over the past couple of years. Digital technology provides a hearing aid to help evaluate complicated decisions that concern the processing of sounds to the other sounds surrounding the environment.

This technology of hearing aid digitally has allowed humans to manually adjust the volume and parts of sound as per their choices and concerns. But the digital technology has helped a lot with the hearing instrument processing along with its fitting issues but now it is also helping majorly with hearing aid shell manufacturing.

A UK-based digital production company for custom hearing protection in ear-monitors along with different communication devices has come up with its workflow with 3D Systems that provide direct digital solutions. The company maximized the technology’s role by collaborating with the 3D Systems’ team which helped them to bring the business to another level of success. The “unique solution” according to the company was designed to help increase production capacity along with efficiency to attain an unmatched high-quality product delivery.

The company's "unique solution" is a 3D sprint software and an application of engineering services that help in accelerating the product development cycle to attain enhanced time management of a competitive edge. Not just this, the new development that helps in direct digital production workflow provides an increased capacity of 4x times and an increased efficiency of 2x. This development helps not just in gaining a better solution at the right time without facing failure, it also reduces the material consumption by 50% along with the cost of labor by 80%.

Such fresh developments and new technology adoption help the manufacturing industry in attaining a 100% digital workflow which on a brighter side procures better customer experience. When customers can get their hands on unique articles in less time, such experiences help in building better consumer buyer person as and strengthen customer relationships.

The unique solution of direct digital production workflow results in a long-wear device facilitating an enhanced sound transmission and quality. Moreover, as per an expert network company, like the application of DSP in hearing aids, this new technology could improve the quality of hearing aids dramatically, especially since over 75% of the hearing aids manufactured in the US are custom products.

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Role of digital technology

ACS Custom, the one production house that came up with an innovative design and approach of a unique solution with the outer surface quality of the 3D Sprint software has also revealed it to have an intuitive natured layout. Moreover, the design is not just of quality but also helps the customers to easily reduce the touch point size and position of supports with such accuracy that it brings a very comfortable output for customers.

Such innovative approaches and ideas help businesses and the manufacturing industries to gain better customer experience and build strong customer relationships. Not only this, it brings efficiency on the surface and helps in achieving great customer value in the market. Although there are few such manufacturers in this filed, yet due to the rapid adoption of digitization and technology, many manufacturers are walking down the path of applying digital technology.

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