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ExpertsConsult Launched Industry Expert & On-Demand Market Insights Services Globally

ExpertsConsult helps you to seek consultation to overcome business and operational inefficiencies.

Portland, Oregon, Nov 11, 2019- ExpertsConsult is led by a market research expert with extensive experience in this field. ExpertsConsult offers services across varied industries which includes Healthcare & Lifesciences, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, Technology & Media, Professional Services, Industrial Manufacturing & Automotive, Oil, Gas & Utilities, and Others.

ExpertsConsult helps their clients to connect with top industry experts having more than 20 years of experience in the industry to address their business complexities and operational efficiencies round the clock. Core values of ExpertsConsult include Precision, Accessibility, Flexibility, and Compliance.

The Engagement model of ExpertsConsult between the client and the experts includes Phone based consultations, Research surveys, in-person meetings, roundtables, visits, learning/training sessions, long-term strategic projects, and others.

It helps to solve your queries related to strategic planning, consumer analysis, competitor analysis, business analysis, revenue estimation, financial modelling, investment banking, funding, product innovations are others. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Management consulting experts, business consultants, financial advisors, venture capitalist, physicians, surgeons, amongst others are the major experts of ExpertsConsult.

Rajat Sahni, CEO of ExpertsConsult started this expert network services after 16 years of experience in the market research industry. He carries an extensive experience in client handling, market research, voice sales, internet technologies, business management, project management, process implementations/improvement, business development, project delivery, conducting primary surveys and others.

About ExpertsConsult

ExpertsConsult is a leading expert network firm and technology-driven platform which uses advanced techniques to search industry experts for their clients based on their requirements. It helps the professionals to connect with experts and seek consultations from top C-level executives, management consultants, business consultants, market researchers, and others to solve their business complexities and operational inefficiencies. It also helps to gain market insights, know market trends, growth opportunities, develop ideas, consumer analysis and validate/test ideas for new product development.

It also comprises a team of dedicated researchers who help you to connect to an expert through their custom recruitment process. With a network of more than 50,000 experts, ExpertsConsult promises to deliver unique and tailored made solutions to their clients within the stipulated deadlines. 

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